Terra Wax

Product Description
Terra Wax is a Sunflower Wax blend known for its hard crystalline structure that creates what we call a “warm glow”! In addition, Terra Wax has the water/moisture repellent and abrasion-resistant durability of hard wax, while maintaining its semi-soft texture and natural earthy aroma for ease of use!

• Terra Wax is fully dry and partially cured in one week, completely cured in 30 days!
• When properly applied, it may be 1-3 years before a reapplication is necessary.
• With extreme and/or heavy use, reapplication in 8-12 months may be necessary to maintain water/moisture repellent qualities.

How to Use Terra Wax: (Oil Based)
• Apply a small amount of wax with a natural bristle brush, i.e., Best Dang Brush or La Petitte Brush.
• Apply wax with small circular motions until the entire piece is waxed.
• Do NOT brush back wax.
• Using a burnishing pad to buff your piece after 15 minutes to two hours to remove excess wax. (Excess wax may cause hazing)
• After 24 hours buff the entire piece with a buffing pad for a tough seal and shine.
• Dries in 24 hours and cures in 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks).
Maximum quantity available reached.

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